The Raptorsaur mascot. Inspired by the philosoraptor. Illustrated by the illustrious James Carpenter

Hi. We’re the Raptorsaurs. We’re a community of freelancers and creatives.


When my friends and I left our day jobs to freelance, we missed the daily camaraderie of our office communities. We missed the water cooler chatter and happy-hours. We missed the slack chats. We missed the knowledge sharing, business tips, and invitations to meetups.

Okay, the truth is, we were suffering withdrawal from puppy gifs and dumb memes.

So a community was born. And it was named Raptorsaur; no one remembers why, but we think it’s funny.

Who are we?

We’re freelancers, designers, software developers, user experi…entiators? (UX/CX), artists, entrepreneurs,,,, You know, folks who get excited about making stuff.

Slack Chat

We have a slack group! We’re very inclusive. We think you’ll fit right in if you’re:

  • passionate
  • sincere
  • weird
  • and/or just certain that the raptorsaur is your spirit animal