This article was originally posted on Syllable.Productions earlier this year.

Want to start your own Freelance business but don’t know where to start? There are lots of quick-start guides out there — like this and this. But when I started my freelance LLC business, the thing I really wanted was a simple actionable checklist. I wanted a new business owner’s todo list.

Sure, it’s important to do things the ‘right’ way; it’s important to vet your options for every choice. But I at least wanted a default list of what to do — a list of one way to do it. I wanted someone to just say: Here’s the list of everything I did. YMMV. Have fun.

So, here’s my work-in-progress google doc outlining how I started my LLC in Brooklyn, NY.*

As a later project, I’d love to make this checklist an open source platform where anyone could add their checklists for how they started their business.

I imagine that these new business ‘recipes’ could be mixed and matched, similar to how tools like yeoman provide common templates for starting a new web application.

You would be able to see alternatives to every checklist item with a simple comparison to see which is right for you.

You could have a business consultant review your checklist and reassure you that, yes, you are now the proud owner of a legitimate LLC business. Best of luck to you.

*YMMV. I’m not a lawyer. All the disclaimers.